Faaborg Cykeludlejning

tlf +45 25130660

Lej en cykel i en eller flere dage.

Rent a bike

Fahrräder zu vermieten

Rent 1 bike


1 day

100 kr / 14 euro

2 days

180 kr / 25 euro

3 days

240 kr / 33 euro

4 days

290 kr / 40 euro

5 days

340 kr / 47 euro

6 days

390 kr / 54 euro

7 days

440 kr / 61 euro

Trailer for children or luggage per day

50 kr / 7 euro

Park your car at our place, and go for at ride from here. We have maps with shorter or longer tours for lone.

Faaborg Cykeludlejning

Bjarne Sindet Daugaard

Svendborgvej 270

5600 Faaborg


tlf +45 25130660



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1-3 bikes

4-7 bikes

8-11 bikes

0-5 km

Faaborg by/ Nab

25 kr / 3,5 euro

50 kr / 7 euro

75 kr / 10 euro

5-10 km


50 kr / 7 euro

80 kr / 11 euro

110 kr / 15 euro

11-15 km

Bøjden, Falsled

75 kr / 10 euro

110 kr / 15 euro

150 kr / 20 euro






Terms of hiring


Picture ID is to be shown if requested. The rental is only settled and confirmed when the amount for the rental is paid in full, unless other arrangements are made.


Any complaints about the rental and/or rented material is to be put to the owner, Faaborg Cykeludlejning, immediately after the rental is assigned. If a bike proves to be flawed, and this is related to Faaborg Cykeludlejning, said bike will be replaced or repaired without further charge.


The person renting the bike and/or other material is responsible and held liable for any damage to the bike and/or other material during the rental. If the bike and/or other material is not returned, the person renting the bike and/or other material is to replace this/these. Should there be any damage or vandalism towards the rented properties, the person renting these properties is liable to pay for their repairs.


Always remember to lock the bicycle when leaving it.




During the rental, the person/persons renting bikes and/or other material are covered by their own insurance, and this insurance is liable to cover any damage on persons and/or bikes and material. Faaborg Cykeludlejning can not be held responsible in the event of flaws leading to damage to persons and/or material during the rental period, and a potential responsibility is limited to the direct damage.